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A one night Stand with Heather Graham
5th Nov 2003

A one night Stand with Heather Graham
Q&A with Heather

2003, I escorted Heather Graham down the red carpet for the premiere of her movie ?The Guru?. I was the official MC for the night. Lovely woman, all legs mind you, and I, was well, at my biggest. I weighed in here at 180+ Kgs (it was just before I lost it all). Sydney Confidential wrote a horrid and hurtful story the next day, which in the end, they had to make an official apology about. I guess you get that when you are in the public eye, but I will never believe a word the press write again, because what they wrote regarding me, was a bit more than a little white lie. I have included the article here.

Dave Wright

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Q&A with Heather

Heather and I (I'm the one with the FAT FACE, gotta love cosmetic surgery)

The infamous Sydney Confidental article that was all untrue. Humourous in its creativity I guess!

Dave Wright
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